• John O'Brien III


  • I have grown tired of watching technology projects across the Federal government, the Department of Defense and the corporate world continue to take too long, cost too much or fail altogether.

    I maintain there is so much that our enterprise clients can learn by mirroring the way start-up companies build and deploy technologies to deploy fast, learn what works, iterate and wow their users.

    Keeping one foot in DC and one foot in Silicon Valley, 540.consulting is hell bent on helping clients move past the failures and glacial pace of enterprise technology projects and begin building, learning and deploying value producing tech in record time.

    - @jobrieniii

  • Tech Strategy

    Technology play books designed for you and your operations that leverage cutting edge tech and design patterns.

  • Software

    Web apps, mobile apps, ERP integration, system interfaces.

  • API Design / Dev

    Data and transactional services deployed to enable and empower your internal developers, partners, and public consumers.

  • Data Analytics

    Get in touch with your data and learn by automating, scaling and visualizing your predictive analysis.

  • Cloud

    Take advantage of the cloud, move faster and lower your cost by taking advantage of IaaS, PaaS, and maybe even BaaS.

  • Dev / Ops

    Operations that focus on customer satisfaction while managing and scaling your platforms.