Cullen Kirkpatrick

Front End Developer


UI, HTML, CSS, Angular, JavaScript, Analytics


Just about anything tech, sports, food or fitness related.


Saint Francis University - B.S. Computer Science with a Management Minor

What was your first Job?

Worked at a Ski Resort

What do you like about 540?

The confidence of the team and the straightforward yet innovative approach to the work.

What do you do in your spare time?

When I'm not hindered by a ruptured achilles you can usually bet that I'm doing something sports or fitness related (Go Stillerz, Pens and Buccos!..sorry DC sports, you're a close second). I also like watching movies and the occasional Netflix binge session.

3 Fun Facts

  1. A house I lived in growing up was in the background of MTV Cribs...Trick Daddy's episode.
  2. I was born in Miami a few days before my family's house was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew.
  3. I ruptured my achilles playing soccer right before I started at