Sunil Thodupunuri

Solutions Architect


I build Relational and OLAP databases and Business Intelligence dashboards using Oracle Technologies. I have experience in working all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle. I have experience in Product/Project Management and Operational Management. I have expertise in building Datawarehouses/Datamarts and experienced in Data migration/Data Analysis/Data Mining/Forecasting based on Historical Trends.


Know about new technology, Learning, Go Green, Finance, Movies, and Workout


I have a Bachelor Degree in Engineering (Electronics and Telecommunications). I attended school in India.

What was your first Job?

My first job was a Software Instructor.

What do you like about 540?

Fast Pace Decision Making, Flexible Work Environment, Smart People, Strong Network

What do you do in your spare time?

Reading news related to technology, economy, finance, and politics. I like to watch movies/TV and travel

3 Fun Facts

  1. I speak 3 languages
  2. I made $70 dollars per month on my first job (outside US) and saved 30% of my salary each month.
  3. I was a vegetarian until I was 15.