TJ Stalcup

API Evangelist


I started writing "code" with HTML and JavaScript back in 1996. I've been working professionally since 2002. I enjoy coding, but I mostly enjoy talking about technical concepts in a non-technical way.


Sports wise, I only follow the NFL. Travel wise, I started in 2017 with Europe, Major US Cities and Japan. In 2018 I will be adding Indonesia to the list. In my spare time I hunt ghosts. Professionally, my interests are all over the place. is one of my top resources and I think a good representation of how I jump around.


Art Institute of Washington DC - 2002-2003

What was your first Job?

My first job was back in 1998 as a bus-boy for a local restuarant. With in 6 months I moved up to Head Fry-Cook (4 ranks). I enjoyed the high-stress times followed by relaxed moments. As a Developer, my first job was in 2002 fulfilling small business packages. This involved mastering Creative Suite (as it was known at the time) for Graphical Assets (logo, business cards, stationery) and building a custom static website. Over the next 3.5-4 years I quickly mastered Dynamic Websites building my own PHP/MySQL powered CMS.

What do you like about 540?

The slogan, the people and the work.

What do you do in your spare time?

Traveling, mastering PokemonGo, Ingress and World of Warcraft. I nerd out whenever I have the opportunity to, and am not ashamed of it.

3 Fun Facts

  1. I am a thrill seeker, pushing myself to try almost any bucket list item once (most recently para-sailing off the Swiss Alps in Zermatt)
  2. I have been featured in the Washington Post as a Paranormal Investigator. It was not the most flattering article, but was shared with over 50 publications around the world.
  3. My children and wife are amazing!!!