Trey White

Chief Technology Officer


I've been developing apps and content for the internet since the late 90s (#highSchoolHacker). My main interests are APIs, RESTful Web Services, and developing for mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT). My database interests are MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, and UserGrid. Development: PHP, Java, Python, JavaScript (Angular, Node, Express...), Ruby/Rails. From a tools perspective: AWS, Git(hub), Linux, Apigee, Runscope, Swagger.


Personally, I'm interested in a wide spectrum of competitive athletics... mostly college football (ok... the NFL folks aren't half bad either). I'm also an avid golfer and have a thorough list of golf courses on my bucket list. I'm also interested in traveling and exploring new places. I'm also a patron of the arts and a fan of Broadway musicals (my opinion is that the performing arts are the purest form of art remaining). Work related, my interests are mostly at the data storage and transport layers. I'm an API evangelist, and I'm always trying to learn new technologies and techniques for organizing and optimizing data requests (though it is difficult to keep up with all of them).


Auburn University - Bachelors Degree in Software Engineer (BSWE) - graduated in December 2004

What was your first Job?

My first paying job was actually as an umpire for youth baseball at which I learned one valuable lesson (every 12-yr old kid sliding into home is safe according to their mother). My first "REAL" job out of college was as a Software Engineer for Dish Network (Echostar). I worked on the software that powered the set-top-boxes (STBs) that are in living rooms of Dish Network customers. I later transitioned to contribute to (and eventually lead) the team that built web-based apps that ran on Dish STBs (games, social media, news). In fact, if you have a Hopper and have ever player the BlackJack and Scrambler games, I was the primary developer for both... and I contributed and led the team on many of the other apps.

What do you like about 540?

The unlimited amounts of 5hour energy and Red Bull....... oh, and the people!

What do you do in your spare time?

Between work, naps, and meals.... I'm a movie guy. I watch a lot of movies/tv so that I can keep up with folks in conversations. On the weekend, you'll catch me hanging out with friends and if it's warm enough outside, I'll be getting a golfer's tan. I also enjoy yearly trips to "the beach", "the lake", and "the Vegas".

3 Fun Facts

  1. I scream like a little girl on "freefall-type" amusement park rides... most particularly Tower of Terror in Disney World (Orlando).
  2. I've only seen one President in person, and that was when George W. Bush came to speak at Auburn University. He began the speech with a "War Eagle!" and the rest is history...
  3. I went to Space Camp as a kid and had serious ambitions to become an astronaut. They told us that our generation of astronaut would get to walk on Mars...... TBD.